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10 Halloween Activities to Make Fall the Best of All

10 Halloween Activities to Make Fall the Best of All

Image of children playing in fall leaves with apples  

It’s time to spice up your Halloween traditions and introduce some new Halloween activities and fall festivities to enjoy with friends and family!

If you are like most of us, you love Fall most of all, or maybe it’s a close second to Christmas! Halloween especially is a wonderful opportunity to make memories and create new family traditions.

It’s nice to have a mix of some scary activities but also some less-spooky activities for Halloween and the fall season. Children of course love the traditional fall and Halloween activities like visiting the pumpkin patch, haunted houses, and pumpkin carving, but you might consider also adding some new traditions to your list this year!


1. Try No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating!

No-carve pumpkin decorating has some real benefits! Your pumpkins will last longer, and you won’t have to spend an hour removing the goopy guts! Consider creating some fun Halloween pumpkins using craft supplies like paint, tape, leaves, crayons, googly eyes or tissue paper. 

Make an adorable mummy pumpkin with just duct tape and googly eyes! 

 Decorated pumpkin that looks like a mummy

If you grabbed a white pumpkin during your trip to the Pumpkin Patch this year, try a melted crayon drip pumpkin!

 A white pumpkin decorated with rainbow melted crayons


2. Have a Glow-in-the-Dark Scavenger Hunt

A glow in the dark Halloween Scavenger Hunt Activity Kit for Kids


This is one of the best Halloween things to do because you can do this Halloween themed hunt indoors or outdoors and with children of all ages! Purchase a pre-made Halloween themed Scavenger hunt kit that provides everything you need to set up this fun activity.

Watch a video to see this Halloween fun in action! 


3. Visit the Apple Orchard and Have a Baking Day 

Visit a local apple orchard and enjoy a hayrack ride, apple-picking, and some warm apple cider. Be sure to check the apple orchard’s website to find the dates during which your favorite apples are ripe and available for picking. 

Head home and do some baking with your apples. Apple crisp is usually a hit and much easier to bake than a traditional apple pie! Try out this recipe.

  Apples for picking

4. Make Some Creepy Slime

This Halloween activity doesn’t take much work but does make for a lot of fun and play-value for children!

Buy some pre-made slime. Dope Slime is great because it tends to be fluffy, doesn’t stick and smells yummy!  Head to your local craft store and let the kids pick out Halloween embellishments to mix into your slime. Plastic spiders work great!

Purple slime with halloween embellishments like black spiders 

5. Play Games with Your Pumpkins 

Play some outdoor games with your pumpkins! The possibilities are endless. You can turn your pumpkins into a game of putt-putt, a ring-toss game, ski ball and even a bean bag toss game! These are also great ideas for Halloween fun if you are hosting a fall carnival or Halloween party for kids! 

 A carved pumpkin that has been turned into a putt putt game for kids


7. Watch a Halloween Movie

Grab some warm apple cider, popcorn and a blanket and have a Halloween themed family movie night! There are tons of great family-friendly Halloween movies that aren’t too spooky.


8. Make a Homemade Ghost Decoration

This Halloween activity makes for a perfect and very simple craft. Let the kid’s put their own touch on this year’s Halloween decorations with a stand-alone ghost.

This craft simply requires some cheese cloth, a balloon, empty Gatorade bottle, googly eyes and wax paper.

 A ghost decoration

 A DIY kid's Halloween craft ghost decoration


9. Have a Candy Corn Stacking Challenge 

Let the kids have a candy corn stacking challenge and eat the goods when they are finished! This makes for a super fun, easy and affordable Halloween activity to do at a classroom party as well.

 Candy corn turned into a kid's Halloween game


10. Try this Dancing Corn Experiment

Incorporate a bit of STEM into this year’s fall and Halloween ideas by trying out this dancing corn experiment. This is a simple chemical reaction, but it really feels like magic! Just use of vinegar, baking soda, water, and corn kernels to make the corn dance!

A fall STEM activity for kids made of corn kernels in a glass jar science experiment

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